Big Time Marketing


Our team has built careers working on some of the world’s biggest brands.  Now we are taking that experience to local and regional clients who want to take a bite out of their competitor’s market share.  


Frank Sendra- Business & Brand Strategy

Great track record in developing growth revenue platforms. Deep experience in Franchisee based business models. More importantly, let's connect and engage.


Emmanuel “El Bro” Mascorro - UX / Art Director

A multi-talented millennial creative force whose hunger to do and learn more is only rivaled by his, well, his hunger.

Lalo Wakefield - Content Director

20+ years of experience developing and executing multi-cultural marketing programs to bring creative and strategic prowess to the Total Market Approach.


Vivek Chittur- Marketing Strategy

Seasoned marcom professional leading marketing and communications for clients across a diverse set of industries of all sizes.

Herbert McDonald- Art Director

I strive to always better myself and challenge my abilities to raise my standards for creativity that works for the client and resonates with consumers.

Ok, our pictures are Big, but our Experience is HUGE.