Speak Hispanic, in English, Spanish or Both. Insights from bilingual PPC Campaign Development

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Talk to Hispanics in their own "Speak", regardless of language used. You can see what language they use for what and with whom on facebook, and through a little keyword research. As Hispanic Marketers we’ve learned to use all the tools available to reach this increasingly viable audience. 

The Hispanic market isn’t homogenous – it is diverse therefore it needs to be segmented in order to know who and how to market to a particular audience within it. While it’s Important to distinguish between acculturation (incorporating/acquiring another culture w/o forgoing another one) vs. assimilation (replacing another culture) when looking at the Hispanic market. reaching them in their own speak takes a deeper look and understanding.

Social Media targeting skills along with social monitoring and a little, or a lot of Keyword Research is how you reach the Hispanic Consumer. Ironically, that’s how you reach any consumer.

For starters, the Spectrum in which all Hispanics fall under from those who are not acculturated (prefer Spanish, know how to navigate Latino culture) to those who are fully acculturated (prefer English, know how to navigate American culture) , or feel completely at ease in both is very wide. There is no “standard” way to segment the market, but the longest time, the following factors were only part of the extremely important information marketers need in order to reach this tricky consumer segment.:

• Country of origin and its respective culture, beliefs (about family, religion, politics, etc.), and market trends (media preferences, purchasing habits, etc.)

• Attitudes about heritage, culture, life in the US

• Socioeconomic status

• Geographic location

•Understand that millennial and Hispanic identities are distinct but coexist much more harmoniously between generations that it does with non-Hispanics. This affects the way you market them. Kids rule, and dad has the last word, yes Mami.

For example, the vast majority of Hispanic millennials didn’t grow up being given a prize when they accomplished something (a stereotypical action associated with American millennials or rich Chilangos) – they appreciate value of hard work because of their parent’s background

If you tried to market under the assumption that Hispanic millennials have the same experiences as millennials in general, your strategy won’t be effective. But if your strategy includes marketing to them through digital marketing channels, as if they were no different than the Gueros, your chances of hitting the right Hispanic audience, at the right time in the right place and with the right message, in the right speak, you just hit the jack pot.

Hispanics are online a lot and make purchasing decisions by gathering info from friends and from other people’s opinions - they trust other’s rating of products and services (not a huge leap given the positive effect of technology on communication)

However, this doesn’t mean that the online space is the only one worth investing in – Hispanics still watch TV more than most and watch advertising and enjoy it But Hispanic TV is either too English or too Spanish, which is ok if has your audience. And you have a lot of money, because it isn’t cheap. Even with the free stuff Univision throws at you in production dollars.

Language is an important thing to address when discussing the online Hispanic, and few places like social media, SEO and PPC can make up for the lack of laser focus targeting and messaging to the US Hispanic Market.

As Hispanic Digital Marketers we understand the Hispanic Market. We built pour careers in traditional brand marketing and sharpened our skills with bilingual digital marketing.

Are you ready to tap into the huge opportunity for your business? We are Big Bite Marketers, and we’ll help you take a Big Bite from your competitor’s market share, and then some. From Digital Hispanic Marketing, social media or inbound marketing in English and Spanish to traditional TV, Radio and Print, we can help you by providing simplified marketing solutions for businesses of any size.