Hispanics Have Narrowed the Great Digital Divide. For Hispanic Digital Marketers, this is good news.

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Traditionally, advertisers viewed a wide digital gap existing between the general market and the Hispanic market. This created easy marketing strategies that went into different boxes. Advertisers built their advertising campaign around a platform directed at the general, meaning Caucasian, market. That strategy included a huge, warehouse-sized box full of traditional advertising axioms.

Advertisers went down the checklist for the warehouse-sized box and ticked off all the requirements. These requirements included things like making sure the theme was familiar with the general market. Next, check the box showing the actors in the campaign looked like the general market. Marketing aimed at the all-important 25-34 age group was usually on the list. Slightly edgy, but mainstream pop music ticked off another requirement. Finally, throw in some token diversity and all-inclusive language, and you had yourself a marketing campaign fulfilling all the requirements for that warehouse-sized box.

All you had to do was add the big box to television and mix until smooth. Test it by baking for one hour, and you had yourself a successful marketing campaign that targeted your primary customers. This technique worked for decades. Until one day it stopped working. Your advertising campaign brought fewer and fewer customers. Apparently, something changed.

Hispanic Digital Marketing

Slowly, while few advertisers noticed, advertising platforms shifted. Digital platforms crept in to compete with the significant station broadcasting. The general market experienced shifts in demographics. Advertisers realized their customer base had shifted and changed to the point where the cavernous warehouse-sized box echoed with little consumer response.

With the explosion of smartphones, the digital market changed advertising forever. Research shows that Hispanics spend more time browsing their smartphones than any other consumer group. They view video content more often and longer than the general market. Furthermore, they are more likely to click on advertising links than the general market.

Hispanic Marketing Trends

The prudent advertiser adapts to changes in technology and shifts in consumer purchasing patterns. If the most significant group viewing digital content lies within the Hispanic market, then smart advertisers begin targeting their newest best customer. Inbound marketing in Spanish is one of the most effective ways to pull off a successful advertising campaign.

Do not succumb to rigid thinking that says a Hispanic audience is only interested in Hispanic products. Like every consumer group since the advent of the wheel, Hispanics want a good product that fulfills a want or a need. It's your job to find that void and achieve it with your product. Start with test markets and targeting. Find your niche and fill it.

Hispanic Social Media, Content Development and More

No good marketer gets overwhelmed by change. If you're a great marketer, you know SEO, PPC, content development, social media, and the best advertising platforms. Tactically, think of Hispanic consumers the same way you think of general market consumers. Multiple layers exist with different cultural backgrounds, separate accents, regional preferences and shades of color, the same applies to the Hispanic consumer. It’ is the culture surrounding a product that makes your advertising relevant to Hispanics. Not the other way around.

Plan to tweak your advertising campaign to account for the many cultural differences that exist within the Hispanic market. In general, Hispanics use social media more extensively than the general market to stay in touch with extended family. The use of inbound marketing in Spanish on social media platforms tends to get an adequate response. Not only do Hispanics click on advertising links more often than most, but they also forward these links to friends and family at a higher rate than the general market.  Moreover, on social media, you can pinpoint those “product or service” cultural nuances as well as linguistic, ethnic and national nuances.  Something that you could not do on TV and radio alone.

At Big Bite Marketers, we create Hispanic Digital Marketing campaigns that maximize the potential of Hispanic digital media and social channels. Running multi-prong campaigns on Spanish television, PPC, Display and social media sites for the most effective use of your marketing dollars.

Jump into the Diminishing Divide

Marketers follow their consumer audience. But the brand is the brand is the brand.  Speak of your product/brand as you would to any customer but talk to your consumer as they would like to be talked to. With Digital Hispanic Marketing, you are armed with the information you need to take a considerable step towards generating sales from Hispanic Consumers than ever before. We know all about effective techniques for marketing to Hispanics in different regions. We can create your own small test markets and study the trends before you do a full launch of your campaigns. Once we've identified the best demand for your product, we tailor your advertising campaign and target that Hispanic market directly. Brand loyalty starts now.

Big Bite Marketers is a bilingual content or inbound marketing in Spanish agency delivering high impact, results-driven Hispanic Marketing Digital campaigns for clients of all sizes.

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