Video Content vs the 30 sec's TV Spot

While everyone talks about how video is the next in today's marketing (as if it wasn't before, duuh), I think this guys have nailed the "how" to use video for marketing purposes in the digital age.  

It's not commercials, it's content.  Content that needs to be produced carefully, thoughtfully and in great quantities. It also needs to have good production values- even if shot with an iPhone!  It does not mean that video for the digital age will burn budgets at the rate of 30 sec's TV commercials,  which they also need to be produced, but it at a more moderate and strategically produced video to deliver on the content plan.

The point of video, along with all other brand content, is to use the right content, in the right format and at the right stage of the  purchase funnel.  A certain type of video needs to be created for awareness generation, other for consideration, other video content will drive transactions and other will sustain a relationship with customers.

Finally, while producing all this video may seem daunting and expensive, which it is, the best part of it is that it can easily be integrated into the many platforms of an Integrated Marketing program. From display ads to landing pages, from SEO to social media, from youtube to customer portal, from mobile to traditional TV.  When it comes to video content, pre-rolls are not the only game in town.

If you want to reach bicultural consumers with Hispanic video content in English and Spanish please contact Lalo Wakefield, freelance Latino Creative Director. Digital &Tradicional.

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