Lot's of Likes, Lots of Engagements. Lots of Laughs. But what about sales?

There are and always have been some great TV ads out there. But, before the arrival of Digital TV Recorders and the onslaught of digital channels to find entertainment in other places, at least I was somewhat obligated to watching them.  Of course, that is not the case anymore.  Today, I miss just about every great TV ad out there because I use every possible way to avoid them.  And I'm not alone.  A lot of us do the same.  Yet, do we really miss them? Meaning, are we actually sad that we did not see them?  I don't think so. 

Not at all.  In fact, if I need the product or service the company (or agency) creating those amazing TV ads is selling, I should be able to find it online.  That is if the companies that are really good at crating Big TV commercials are as good at SEO, Inbound marketing or Social Media Marketing.  Yet, that's the problem.  These companies are not as good at being findable online as they are at coming up with big TV ideas that tons of people, like me, just SKIP.

Why aren't they as good at it?  Because SEO, Inbound Marketing and Social Media marketing are not a sexy as writing, producing and editing Big TV Ads. Though they are  more measurable, inexpensive and, arguably, even more effective at affecting the bottom line and generating sales. Many companies are not making much progres in these particular fields.

Instead, they are creating Big sexy and very expensive Digital Engagements. But, is there a big difference here?  Shouldn't those big, sexy digital "engagements" also help drive sales?  Apparently not. In looking at a whole bunch of case studies for the beer and alcoholic beverages industry, I find that though there are some great and amazing digital programs out there, they still don't seem to be concerned about driving sales or affecting the bottom line.  It seems that the object of a great TV ad- which is to be the topic of a water cooler conversation and make the brand and it's message memorable- also applies to Big Digital Programs. 

The following are all, in my opinion, great and amazing Case Studies of Digital or Integrated marketing initiatives in the Alcohol industry, but notice the lack of mentions in regards to the sales results or the bottom line.


These are only three examples, but I swear, I saw at least 10 and none of them mentioned anything about how the affected the bottom line.

As a Hispanic Marketing consultant, I'm please to say that I'm also working on a Big Digital Marketing initiative for a very large beer company in South America, and though there are some pretty cool and Big TV ads involved, plus a great and sexy Digital Engagement, the key objective is to drive sales volume, and me and my team at Grwpo, mexico's top Digital Agency, are making sure that happens.

I'm Lalo Wakefield, Freelance Hispanic Creative Director and a a true believer in creating Marketing initiatives that people love, and sell product.  For a free marketing consultation, give me a call.  Would love to chat with you about your next Digital or Traditional marketing campaign.