Facebook And Hispanic Marketing

Facebook is slowly shifting advertising features from desktop to mobile, to follow where their users are headed. With over 500 million people using Facebook’s mobile site or mobile application (more than half of Facebook’s user base) your advertisements are sure to be seen on mobile devices. Pair this with Hispanics over-indexing on Mobile usage and you are sure to increase your engagement, lead generation and sales numbers.  

Hispanic mobile users can see Sponsored Stories within their news feed. A sponosored story is a post from a fan that a company can promote to other people on Facebook. For example, if a company posts a link to one of its ebooks, and your friend likes that post, the company can then sponsor your friend who liked the post, making that action visible to the friends of that person in their newsfeed.

Will it work? Seeing the numbers below, which show just how much Hispanics are on facebook, and, again, how they over-index on mobile usage,  your odds are pretty good!

Lalo Wakefield