Bilingual Content Marketing- the next digital frontier.

For a long time, generating content has been one of the most arduous processes of digital marketing. Even in the glamorous days of shooting TV spots, making commercials was not easy. Though it was almost all of the content we ever had to create.

If you do content marketing, all or most of that glamour and sexiness is gone. You also have to do your keyword research, topic and subtopic content development, channel and publishing calendars, on top of writing and art directing, even shooting a ton of, well, content.

How do you know if your content marketing is working?

  • improved search rankings and CPA’s vs. competitors

  • customer loyalty/contacts backlinks/likes

  • brand advocacy/content sharing/social blah, blah….

  • √ traffic

  • √ leads

  • √ sales.

But, when you add the potential of the Hispanic Market to the equation, the numbers explode, the amount of traffic explodes, the amount of leads that come in explodes (be ready to answer in Spanish) and sales simply will explode. The impact on all measure of KPI's of this largely ignored Hispanic Marketing tactic, is enormous.

About digital Hispanic marketing or Hispanic digital marketing (the term hasn’t made its mind yet).

In talking about Hispanic digital or content marketing, it’s hard not to talk about the 30 sec's TV spot, not only do a lot of advertisers use them today on social media as if nothing’s ever changed except the channel, on broadcast TV spots still deliver a great, emotionally driven impact. Unfortunately, they aren't as capable and precisely measurable as digital or content marketing. Having said that, as a respectable digital marketer, with experience on both sides of the isle, I would never say that Traditional Marketing doesn’t matter any more… (until it really doesn’t matter any more!) Today, Spanish TV advertising still delivers results, not only in terms of impressions and brand awareness, but also in terms of sales.

Having said that…

Content Marketing should drive all of the above, but it must ALSO do it with purpose; deliver value to the potential customer, which could be in the shape of the answer to a question, an alert to something they should know, or a list of what to say and what not to say to your employer’s insurance company after a work accident.  

The right combination of strategic keyword research and topic based content development with audio/video/stills imagery sound and language delivered to the right person (mid funnel prospect), at the right time (Wed, 8:30 pm) through the right channel(email w/link to networking sing up) -by geo fencing, programmatic, retargeting, seo, sem, display, social,… it’s all content marketing.

And, if you do all this for a General Market audience, the cost of doing it for a bilingual Hispanic audience is only peanuts, compared to the overall results.

If you are not doing it for a general market audience, either, we should talk! It’s always better to plan for your bilingual content marketing from the the start. With the right team doing the research, working on the strategy and developing your content in both languages as needed, you can save a lot of time and money.

At Big Bite, we work on content marketing campaigns in English and Spanish. We offer what any traditional or digital marketing agency, but we do it in two languages. We adopt, adapt and create content. Making the most of what you already have.

Lalo Wakefield